November 2022

URBIS is pleased to announce that ‘Crescent Green’ won a Merit Award in the Large Scale Domestic Property (Site Area > 20,000 sq.m.) category. URBIS undertook full hard and soft landscape design services for this mixed medium and low-rise residential development in Kam Tin by Road King Properties Holding Ltd. which provides self-contained low density residential environment with generous communal and private open space. The tower blocks are aligned in a broad arc and create a central open area between them and the low rise housing. An internal EVA access road serves as an effective and comprehensive vehicular and pedestrian circulation route leaving the remaining areas as a pedestrian open space. Given the rural fringe location, the design concept was to reflect the local natural and cultural landscape context within the site to create sustainable and attractive living spaces. The central open space provides communal passive and active facilities for the residents in the form of a Club House with swimming pool and deck and surrounding amenity areas. The open space design provides a conceptual transition from a naturalistic mountain stream, through cultivated agricultural lowlands to coastal fishponds. Water features and cascades connect and activate the landscape. Seating areas are well distributed for users’ convenience and enjoyment. Additional communal open space is provided beneath and around the West Rail viaduct which bisects the northern half of the site with barbecue areas, play features and gathering spaces. In addition to communal open space, all low rise residential units have privately accessible gardens. A mix of evergreen and deciduous trees provide shade in summer and invite more sunshine in winter as well as seasonal visual interest. Large canopy shade trees are planted where space is available and fragrant trees, colourful shrubs, groundcovers and climbers are widely distributed throughout the landscaped areas and attract local wildlife, particularly butterflies.